Our Chair was created by professor Czesław Cekiera, PhD in May 1987. The creation of the Chair was an answer to social needs of that time. Main research trends which were realized in the department:

Addiction issue, social maladjustment  (criminal in wide sense), suicidal tendencies, sexual deviations, informal groups issue. The department focused its activity on empirical researches, working on  diagnostic methods and programs preventing social pathologies and promotion of physical, psychological and moral health.


Currently in Chair of Social Psychoprevention are realized following long term researches: the analysis of psychological, social and cultural considerations and symptoms of social pathology, addictions, destructive cultural groups, working on diagnostic methods, working on prevention programs, carrying on actions of prevention in local society. Great achievement of our department in 2004/2005 was co - organization cycle of science conferences : "Addictions: happiness or danger?" Nine successive conferences were connected with: destructive cult groups, alcohol, drugs, sex, media, food, tobacco, work and public cults. Recipients of conferences were  students of Catholic University of Lublin, teachers, students form schools, foreign visitors. Every conference was accompanied by publishing a book  from the cycle "Addictions: Fact and myths". The series dedicated to functional addictions contains following books:


  • D. Bukalski, D. Sikorski „Sects",
  • I. Niewiadomska, M. Sikorska - Głodowicz „Alcohol",
  • I.Niewiadomska, P. Stanisławczyk „Drugs"
  • J. Chwaszcz, M. Pietruszka, D. Sikorski „Media"
  • I.Niewiadomska, J. Chwaszcz, B. Kołodziej, B. Śpila „Sex"
  • I.Niewiadomska, A kulik, A. Hajduk „Food"
  • C. Cekiera „Tabacco"
  • M. Kalinowski, I. Czuma, M. Kuć, A. Kulik „Work"
  • I.Niewiadomska, M. Kalinowski, D. Sikorski „Public cults"
  • I.Niewiadomska, M. Brzezińska, B. Lelonek „Gambling"


In 2005/2006 training grup „Spinacz" from students volunteers from KUL, realized the cycle of twelve workshops : knowing yourself, assertiveness, expression of emotions and social communication. All the classes were dedicated to /Universities from Lublin.

In October 2006 Chair of Social Psychoprevention organized science conference "Alcohol, drugs...and what next". It was very interesting for students, specialists working with people who have problems with addictions.