2003: PhD Dissertation, "Don DeLillo's Evolving Picture of Contemporary America" (directed by Professor Jerzy Durczak from Maria Curie-Sklodowska University)
1999: Postgraduate Management Studies, Business Planning and Marketing, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne
1990-1995: English Department, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University (MCS) Lublin, Poland/University College Galway (UCG) Ireland/Lock Heaven University, Pennsylvania, USA

Major Research Projects:
2004: University of California, Los Angeles: Visiting Scholar (research topic: Trans-nating the Black, academic sponsor Professor Haryette Mullen)
2004: Universidade de Vigo, Spain (Socrates Program) - lectures on contemporary American Literature and culture (academic coordinator Professor Martin Urdiales Shaw)
2004: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium (Socrates Program) - lectures on contemporary American Literature and African-American culture (academic coordinator Professor Theo D'Haen)
2003-2005: Civic Education Project (Continual Professional Development; Co-ordinator of the KUL Professional Improvement Team)

2000 (also 1997): Society of the Friends of the Catholic University of Lublin, London, Great Britain
2000: Freie Universitat, J. F. Kennedy Institute: Library Research Grant
1999: 1999 Summer Institute on Contemporary American Literature, Louisville, KY-San Francisco (University of Louisville/Berkley University)
1997: The ECCLES American Studies Centre at the British Library, London, Great Britain

Selected Publications:
1. Alasdair Gray, Janine 1982, (translation) - Rewia Kontr Sztuki Counter-Art Revue (January, 1994)
2. Adrienne Rich, "O kłamstwach, tajemnicach, milczeniu", ("Of Secrets, Lies and Silence") (translation) - Rewia Kontr Sztuki Counter-Art Revue (January, 1994)
3. Susan Sontag, "Fascynujący faszyzm" ("Fascinating Fascism") (translation, Andrzej Antoszek and Tomek Kitliński) - Rewia Kontr Sztuki Counter-Art Revue (April, 1994)
4. Hiromi Ito, "Zabijanie Kanoko" ("Killing Kanoko") (translation) - Rewia Kontr Sztuki Counter-Art Revue (Kwiecień, 1994)
5. Hiromi Ito, "Zabijanie Kanoko" ("Killing Kanoko") (translation) - Fronda (Marzec, 1994)
6.Rob Hardin, "Wybór poezji cyberpunka" (Rob Hardin, Poetry of Cyberpunk: A Selection) (translation) - Akcent (April, 1996)
7. "Stąd do przyszłości; wstęp do poezji cyberpunka" (From Here to Future: Introduction to Poetry of Cyberpunk) - Akcent (April, 1996)
8. "Postmodern Web; the Paradox of Postmodern Chaos. Robert Coover's "The Elevator", Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49 and William Gibson's Neuromancer" - in Approaches to Fiction (PASE Studies and Monographs, Folium; Lublin, 1996) (9-24).
9. Magazyn Sztuki Art Magazine - editor NR 17 (1/98): Volume Title: "Postcybermodernpunkism" - published in May 1998
a. Wstęp do numeru (26)
b. Introduction of all sorts (27-28)
c. Avant-pop (in Polish) (160-171)
d. Avant-pop (in English) (171-181)
e. Nota o sytuacjonizmie i neoizmie (181-198)
f. Situationism & Neoism (198-206)

10. "World of Vogue; Surprising Logic of Postmodern Development" (conference proceedings from the PASE conference in Puławy; PASE PAPERS in Literature Language and Culture, Catholic University of Lublin, The University Press of the Catholic University of Lublin, Lublin 1998, pp. 13-26))
11. Theodora Tsimpouki's Representations of Identity in Contemporary Ethnic Fiction - a review in American Studies in Europe - (American Studies in Europe, Issue No 40, February 1998, Published for EAAS by The Eccles Centre THE BRITISH LIBRARY)
12. "PostCyberModernPunkism II" in Internet 2000; prawo-ekonomia-kultura (Verba; Lublin 2000, pp. 400-424 ),
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14. "W poszukiwaniu straconej prawdy" (In Search of the Lost Truth) (co-author with Patrycja Baran) Literatura na Świecie, nr 1/2001 (354), pp. 130-149.
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19. "Hopping on the Hype: Double Ontology of (Contemporary) American Rap Music" in CrossRoutes - The meanings of "Race" for the 21st Century (eds. Paola Boi, Sabine Broeck, Lit Verlag: London, 2003, pp. 239-253)
HipHop.pdf HipHop.pdf (62.96 KB)
20. "‘Who Will Clean Up All This Waste?' Post-Cold War America in Don DeLillo's Underworld," in Ruud Janssens and Rob Kroes, ed., Post-Cold War Europe, Post-Cold War America (Amsterdam: VU University Press, 2004) 171-77.
21. Heike Raphael-Fernandez, ed., Blackening Europe; The African American Presence (New York: Routledge, 2004); a review.
22. Heinz Ickstadt, Faces of Fictions; Essays on American Literature and Culture from the Jacksonian Period to Postmodernisty (American Studies: Vol. 92). Edited by Susan Rohr, Sabine Sielke. Heidelberg: Winter, 2001. A review in Arbeiten aus Anglistik u. Amerikanistik, Band 31, Heft 1 (2006)
23. Andrzej Antoszek, Kate Delaney, "Poland: Transmissions and Translations in Alexander Stephan, ed., The Americanization of Europe: Culture, Diplomacy, and Anti-Americanism after 1945 (New York: Berghahn Books, 2006)
Americanization.pdf Americanization.pdf (332.40 KB)
24. "Podziemia Ameryki według Don DeLillo". W kanonie prozy amerykańskiej. Od Nathaniela Hawthorne'a do Joyce Carol Oates. Ed. Lucyna Aleksandrowicz-Pędich. Warszawa: Academica, 2007, pp. 166-177.
25. Review: Mita Banerjee, Race-ing the Century. AAA - Arbeiten aus Anglistik u. Amerikanistik, Band 32, Heft 1 (2007). 114-116.

International conferences
April 2007: Collegium for African-American Research: Blackness and Modernities, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Madryt (presentation: “Blackness (De)-Constructed: Cultural Representations of Blackness Outside the United States”)   

May 2006: The Fifth MESEA: The Society for Multi-Ethnic Studies: Europe and the Americas Conference: Ethnic Life Writing and Histories, University of Navarra, Spain. (presentation: Back to the Roots? Dorota Maslowska’s Snow White and Russian Red and Sylwester Latkowski’s Blokersi as Real Hip Hop Narratives or Life Writing)

April 2005: The Collegium for African American Research conference: The Black World: INNERSpace:INNERCity:InterAction:InterNation, Tours, France. (presentation: Killing Us Softly with Their Songs: “The New Head Niggas in Charge” and Their Glocal Audiences)        

May 2004: Vilnius, Lithuania: Continual Professional Development (Grant Application and CV writing)
January 2004: Vilnius, Lithuania; Continual Professional Development (Course (Re)- Design); Civic Education Project

September 2003:  Oxford, UK; a preparatory conference for writing the book Americanization of Europe;” presentation: Americanization in Poland after 1945: Transmissions and Translations” (co-prepared with Kate Delaney,  US former attaché to Poland)

June 2003: The Netherlands American Studies Association conference: Post Cold War Europe/Post Cold War America, Middelburg, Holland. (presentation: “Who Will Clean Up All This Waste?; Post-Cold War America in Don DeLillo’s Underworld” or “Nostalgia (Re)Visited; Don DeLillo’s Museum of Curiosities”) 

April 2003: The Collegium for African American Research conference: The African Atlantic: The Making of Black Diasporas, Winchester, England. (Chairing the panel Histories of the Diaspora, presentation:  The “Making” of Black Diasporas: African-American Culture in the Global Village.

March 2001: The Collegium for African American Research conference Crossroutes: The Meanings of “Race” for the 21st Century in Cagliari, Sardinia (presentation: “Hopping on the Hype: Double Ontology of (Contemporary) American Rap Music”)

April 2000: European Association for American Studies in Europe conference in Graz, Austria, (presentation: ‘The Natural Simulacrum or the Simulated Natural; Don DeLillo’s Treatment of Nature in White Noise and Underworld)

April 1998: European Association for American Studies in Europe conference in Lisbon, Portugal, (presentation: “Narrating through Future; Thomas Pynchon's America of the Past”)

March 1998: Rutgers University, Rutgers, USA (presentation: “Don DeLillo's Bridge Between the Grandiose and the Entropic”)

April 1997: The annual conference of the British Association for American Studies, Birmingham, Great Britain,

September 1996:    Fashions in Literature, Orleans, France (presentations: “Postmodern Fashions: the Works of Robert Coover, Thomas Pynchon and Neal Stephenson”)

Professional Associations:
Polish Association for American Studies
Collegium for African American Research
MESEA - the Society for Multi Ethnic Studies
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