:: BA EXAM ::



dr hab. Katarzyna Maćkowska

  1.    Brussels Treaty of 1967.
  2.    Competences of the EU and their impact on political integration in Europe.
  3.    Education as a factor of European integration.
  4.    Europeanism and supranationalism.
  5.    Fiscal policy of the EU.
  6.    Future of European integration.
  7.    Globalisation and European integration.
  8.    Health in the European Union.
  9.    Historical aspects of European integration: European Atomic Energy Community.
10.    Historical aspects of European integration: European Coal and Steel Community.
11.    Historical aspects of European integration: European Economic Community.
12.    History of the Council and the European Council.
13.    History of the European Commission.
14.    History of the European Parliament.
15.    Jean Monnet and his influence on European integration.
16.    Legal sources of the EU – primary law.
17.    Legal sources of the EU – secondary law.
18.    Military and the EU.
19.    Political and social movements against the EU.
20.    Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi and Aristide Briand in the process of European integration.
21.    Schengen zone.
22.    The role of civil society in European integration.
23.    The role of politicians in European integration.
24.    The social and cultural roots of European integration
25.    The territory of the EU.
26.    Theories of integration: federalism.
27.    Theories of integration: multi – level governance.
28.    Theories of integration: neofunctionalism.
29.    Unitary economy: a basis or an effect of integration in Europe?
30.    Voting rights of the EU citizens.