1st year courses:

Critical thinking and research methods, Political Science, History of Europe, Introduction to Law, Political integration in Europe, Introduction to the European Union Law, Sociology, International Organizations, Social and Psychological Underpinnings of European Integration, Academic Writing, English for Law and Business


2nd year courses:

European Values, Political parties and party systems, Institutions of the European Union, Micro- & Macroeconomics History of Philosophy, History of European Legal Culture, Migration in Europe, Substantive Law of the European Union, Fundamentals of negotiations and mediation, Human Rights Protection in Europe, EU External Relations, Innovation and IP Management, English for law and business, 2nd EU language (French or German) 


3rd year courses:

Ethics, Electoral systems in European countries, Culture in Europe,  Environmental Policy of the EU, Religious Freedom in Europe, Position and Role of Poland in Europe, Common Agricultural Policy, Financial instruments of the EU – Workshop, Fundamentals of diplomacy, Public relations, Four weeks internship, 2nd EU language (French or German), Seminar.


Plus a wide selection of elective courses offered at various University Institutes.

TOTAL: 6 semesters, app. 1800 teaching hours, 180 ECTS


Enrollment: 60 students


ACADEMIC YEAR  2014/2015 curriculum