Prof. Dr Hab. Artur Kuś- Chair of the Department

     In 1992 I have started my studies at the Faculty of Canon Law and Law at the Catholic University of Lublin (KUL). I graduated in 1997. My Masters Thesis entitled "Regulation of currency turnover during the economic transition in Poland" was written in the Chair of Financial Law under the supervision of  Prof. Dr hab. Wanda Wójtowicz.

     Since October 1, 1997 I have been working as a teaching assistant in the Chair of Administrative Law and Administrative Science at KUL. My teaching duties were connected with conducting exercises in the field of administrative procedure.

     On the 29 of March 2001 I defended my doctoral dissertation prepared under the supervision of Prof. Dr hab. Marian Zdyb, entitled "Customs economic procedures under Polish Law in the light of European Union Law" (Reviewers: Prof. Dr hab. Wanda Wójtowicz - UMCS;  and Prof. Dr hab. Wojciech Łączkowski - KUL).The Faculty Council conferred a PhD Degree in Law on April 24, 2001. Following the PhD I have been teaching administrative procedure and  Public Commercial Law at the Off-Campus Faculty of Law and Economy in Tomaszów Lubelski. My duties in Lublin consisted of teaching pro-seminar (2002-2005) and seminars (2002-2006) in the field of administrative law for law and administration students (both in the Bachelor and Master's Program). In 2001 I have been a Co-Founder of the KUL University Legal Clinic and after that I was coordinating the administrative section of it, teaching students practical aspects of law. During these years I have taken part in many national and international conferences. In July 2002 I have received a scholarship funded by the Friends of KUL Association to conduct research in London (UK).

     On December 5, 2006 my habilitation colloquium was organized. As a result I was granted the degree of dr. Habilitatus based on my scientific achievements and the monograph: „Public law driven non-tariff and para-tariff instruments of restricting international trade of goods"(published by: Oficyna Wydawnicza Branta, Bydgoszcz-Szczecin-Lublin 2006). The reviewers in the habilitation process were: Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Drwiłło (UG), Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Wróbel (PAN), Prof. dr hab. Anna Walaszek-Pyzioł (UJ), and Prof. dr hab. Jan Olszewski (URz).

     After successful habilitation I became Director of the Chair of European Union Law on February 15, 2007. At present I lecture on European Union Law - Institutions, customs law, law of international trade plus I teach seminar classes on European Union and inernational trade law (both for law and administration students).

     I have been a supervisor of over 80 master's thesis written by law students; over 40 master's thesis prepared by administration students and over 30 Bachelor degree seminar papers prepared by administration students in the KUL Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration. On the top of that I have supervised approximately 30 bachelor administration students earning their degree at the College of Management and Administration in Zamość. I have reviewed 11 doctoral dissertations at KUL and UMCS. Last year I launched a PhD seminar in the field of European Union and International Trade Law. I have written over 50 scholarly publications (monographs, student books, book reviews, opinions, articles and commentaries).

     My teaching experience consists of giving lectures for bachelor, master and graduate students in other academic institutions (including the Polish Academy of Science program for administrative courts judges and lectures for the Customs Officers). Since January 1, 2007 I hold the position of the Extraordinary Professor in the College of Management and Administration (WSZiA) in Zamość.

     In the years 2006-2007 I was appointed by the Minster of Finance to be a Member of the Customs and Excise Duty Board of the III term, where I Chaired a Legal Committee.

Since April 30, 1999 I have been working at the Constitutional Tribunal: first as an Assistant of the Honorable Marian Zdyb, then (September 30, 2002- December 31, 2007) as  an independent case law specialist in the Office of the Constitutional Tribunal, finally (since January 1, 2008) as a principal case law specialist, where I cooperate with the Honorable Teresa Liszcz. As part of my duties I have drafted over 100 legal opinions, proposed judgments with reasons, court orders and other legal documents. These opinions have covered almost all the fields of law (public and private).

     Since December 2005 I have been Rector's Plenipotentiary for the relations with the Polish Customs Office. I have also coordinated works leading to signing an agreement between KUL and the Ministry of Finance, which was concluded on October 26, 2005. 

     My latest assignment was connected with launching by KUL of the new Bachelor Program in European Studies. I have been appointed by the Faculty council and University Senate to coordinate these works that will hopefully lead to opening the new field of studies in October of 2008.