Chair of Philosophy of Education was established in 1996. Its founder was prof. dr hab. Wojciech Chudy, a philosopher and ethicist whose reflection on human being and education was rooted in searching analysis of human experience and activities and the phenomenon of meeting with another human being. Professor Wojciech Chudy was a chairperson of the Chair of Philosophy of Education until the moment of his death on 15th of March 2007. Since October 2007 Rev. prof. dr hab. Marian Nowak acts as a curator of the Chair.

In the present day the following persons continue reflection on prof. Wojciech Chudy's thought and realise individual scientific projects in the field of philosophy of education: Ewa Smołka PhD, Anna Szudra PhD, Katarzyna Uzar MA and Małgorzata Łobacz MA.

Philosophy of Education is a sub-discipline of pedagogy and its main aims is: philosophical analysis and interpretation of education and indication of its metaphysical, anthropological, ethical, axiological and - optionally (e.g. in critical philosophy of education) - ideological aspects. Understood like this, it seeks answers for the following questions: What Is education and formation? What are its sources and aims? What are its manifestations and realisations in man's life? These questions stays in a close connection (and this determines their philosophical character) with a more general question about a human being himself, his position in the world and his attitude towards reality, questions about criteria of moral good, happiness and so on. In this research field there is also space for historic and philosophical review of different positions of widely understood philosophy of education and the problem of relationship between philosophy and pedagogy.

Scientific research of the Chair of Philosophy of Education staff concentrates on anthropological and ethical basis of education and formation, philosophical basis of pedagogical systems and relationships of pedagogy and social dimension. A key subject of the staff scientific interest is the conception of personalistic pedagogy, formulated in a dynamic mode and in Christian inspiration, and a personalistic vision of self-education and self-formation.


Subject of our research work refers to:

  • Philosophy of education,

  • Aesthetic education

  • Axiological basis of education

  • Philosophical basis of pedagogy of culture and intercultural education

  • Pedagogy of socially endangered communities

     Staff members of the Chair of Philosophy of Education have organised scientific conferences, helped in organisation of some of them and have been participating in conferences and other events. On the 20th of May 2008 they organised First International Conference „O personalistyczny wymiar filozofii wychowania" (Personalistic Dimension of Philosophy of Education) that was dedicated to the memory of Professor Wojciech Chudy. The staff (E. Smołka PhD, and A. Szudra PhD) co-operates with Instytut Edukacji Narodowej (Institute of National Education) of the Servire Veritati Foundation, designing lectures and other activities for teachers. A. Szudra co-operates also with recreational club for handicapped people Rekreacyjny Klub Nieprzetartego Szlaku in Lublin.  K. Uzar actively participates in strengthening international relationship with partner universities, helping lastly in organisation of Spring Academy 2008.


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(Translated by Ewa Domagała - Zyśk)