The Head: prof. Karol Klauza


Chair was established in 2008 in the first structure in Institute of Journalism and Social Communication. Since beginning   has the main fields of research in theory and practice in semiotics (especially - signs and symbols in journalism) and in rhetoric. Scientific fields of research is connected with: traditional, new general meaning of symbols in general and regional social communication; history and development of symbolism in new media (esp. in cybersphere). In the field of rhetoric - documentation of actual types of speeches in radio and TV. Employees of Chair work in didactic field of Institute, prepare scientific books and articles and organize  every year  rhetoric competition for students of departments in law, theology, literature and journalism. During academic year members of Chair organize Scientific Debates of Rhetors for discuss actual problems in communication




Prof. Karol Klauza




Maria Gondek PhD

Marcin Superczyński MA


Scientific basis:


Library in fields of general and regional signs and symbols

Phonography and visual archives for rhetorics

Netography for semiotic and rhetoric study



Main publications in languages in last years:


Prof. Karol Klauza


  1. Contemporary Spirituality in the XXI Century Catholic Social Discourse, lecture in International Scientific Conference in Pontificia Universita Gregoriana (Rome) 4-5.03 2015: Renewing the Church in a Secular Age. Holistic Dialogue and Kenotic Vision [ text in materials of Conference]
  2. A Semiotic Interpretation of Pope John Paul II's Pilgrimage to Israel on 21-26 March 2000, „The Person and the Challenges: The Journal of Theology, Education, Canon Law and Social Studies Inspired by Pope John Paul II” (ISSN: 2083-8018) 2014 nr 4,2 s. 61-81
  3. The iconic anthropology of the „Eight Day”, „Letopis Supraski” 2015 nr 6 s. 136-152
  4. Member in debates during International Scientific Conference: Global Communication Association Conference - Kraków 26-29 2010
  5. I tratti fondamentali della mariologia nelle "Catechesi marianae”, w: : La Vergine Maria nel Magistero di Giovanni Paolo II, Citta del Vaticano 2007 [Studi Mariologici t. 11] s. 255-270
  6. Kibeho - programme marial pour notre époque, w:  Jakacki, Apparitions de la "Mère du Verbe" à Kibeho: (Rwanda, 28.11.1981 - 28.11.1989) : premières apparitions mariales en Afrique reconnues par l’Église, Kigali (Rwanda) 2013 s. 13-16