autor: M. Boltižiar (ed.)

tytuł: Conference Abstracts of the 2nd Forum Carpaticum 2012: From Data To Knowledge, From Knowledge to Action, 30 May - 2 June 2012, Stará Lesná, Slovakia
wydawnictwo: Institute of Landscape Ecology, Slovak Academy of Sciences
miejsce wydania: Bratislava, Branch Nitra, Slovakia
data wydania: 2012
liczba stron: 214
numer ISBN: 978-80-968901-9-4

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The Forum Carpaticum is an open meeting of the Science for the Carpathians (S4C) initiative. Including a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines from both, the natural and social sciences, as well as practical knowledge, the Forum Carpaticum is an attempt to integrate different fields of expertise to generate value for the Carpathian mountain region.

The objectives of Forum Carpaticum are:

  • to support scientifically actions leading towards sustainability in the Carpathian region,
  • to increase the visibility of the Carpathian region in the global change research agendas,
  • to link research and practice in the field of coupled human-environmental systems in mountain regions.
Forum Carpaticum Committees 4
Honorary patronage 5
Conference programme 6
Plenary sessions 8
Thematic sessions
Conservation management as a tool for protecting Carpathian values
Oral presentations 13
Poster presentations 26
Mountains and tourism development
Oral presentations 32
Poster presentations 42
Impact of climate change and air pollution on vegetation
Oral presentations 44
Poster presentations 54
Biodiversity 1: Modeling spatial aspects of Carpathian biodiversity
Oral presentations 57
Poster presentations 68
Biodiversity 2: Species and habitat diversity of the Carpathians
Oral presentations 74
Poster presentations 82
River functioning and management
Oral presentations 90
Poster presentations 98
From Knowledge to Action
Oral presentations 103
Poster presentations 112
Landforms dynamics and recent soils changes
Oral presentations 116
Poster presentations 125
Climate variability and changes
Oral presentations 133
Poster presentations 141
Land use and land cover change 1: Remote sensing perspective
Oral presentations 144
Poster presentations 150
Land use and land cover change 2: Case studies
Oral presentations 153
Poster presentations 158
Forest ecology 1
Oral presentations 167
Poster presentations 178
Forest ecology 2
Oral presentations 183
Poster presentations 194
Human dimension of nature management
Oral presentations 198
Poster presentations 208
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