The 2014 Style & Quality of Life of Modern Man Conference



28th May 2014 (Wednesday)



The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin // Off-Campus Faculty of Social Sciences in

Stalowa Wola, Poland


Deadline for abstracts/proposals

15th May 2014


The 3rd International Academic Conference „The Style & Quality of Life of Modern Man” is a cyclical event which focuses on burning social issues. This year its watchword will be: „Security”, discussed cross-disciplinarily and with participation of scholars from many academic institutions, both Polish and foreign.


Security is the main need of individuals and social groups; it is also the primary need of states and international systems. Sources of security risks may be different, e.g., natural, technical, structural, demographic, ideological, educational, psychological or cultural. The risks may refer to a broad range of environments: from natural and social, to political, economic and to scientific, and may extend from global reach, to continental and national, to regional, local and personal.


Will my paper be published?

Papers accepted through a peer review process will be published into partner journals of the conference (see below). If the paper is not accepted, after making necessary changes and improvements, the author will have the right to repeat their efforts to publish the paper in the same journal or in another partner journal, what will carry the necessity of additional review process. Contacts between the author and the journal’s editorial board will be first coordinated and then monitored by the organizing body (see below).


Preliminary selection of papers to particular journals will begin after receiving all the submission forms. Then the author will receive the journal’s editorial requirements. There is no need to hurry over preparing the paper since it may be finalized after the conference. The process of publishing the papers may take even several months.

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