Current activities of the Institute

Members of the Institute supervise doctoral candidates and run full-time doctoral programmes (three routes: 1/ fundamental Christology and Ecclesiology; 2/ the Study of Religion(s); 3/ Missiology).



Members of the Institute edit Fasciculus 9 (Fundamental Theology and Religiology) of Roczniki Teologiczne (Theological Yearly), publication series: Studia Nauk Teologicznych PAN (Studies in Theological Disciplines PAN /Polish Academy of Sciences/), Studia Religiologiczne (Religiological Studies) and cooperate with the editors of the Catholic Encyclopaedia.



Members of the Institute belong to various academic organizations – among others to: Pontificia Academia Theologica, International Institute „Anthropos”, Committee of Ethnological Disciplines at the Polish Academy of Sciences, Polish Folklore Society, Polish Africanist Society, Polish Society for the History of Religions, Scientific Society of the Catholic University of Lublin, Lublin Scientific Society, National Section of Fundamental Theology at the Education and Science Commission of the Polish Bishops Conference, European Society of Catholic Theologians, Missionswiessenschaftlisches Institut (St. Augustin), European Society for Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies, International Association of Catholic Missiologists.



Fr Prof. Marian Rusecki is the chairman of the Committee of Theological Disciplines at the Polish Academy of Science and a vice-chairman of the Faculty of Humanities of the Lublin Scientific Society (LTN).