Currently functioning Department of the Banking and Finance is an effect of the development of the Department of the Banking formed in the year 2010.


The head of the department from the beginning its existences is Professor Marian Żukowski.


Scientific problems of the Department od Banking and Finance:
- the organization of market banking systems   

- the management of the commercial bank   

- the economic-financial analysis of banks   

- the marketing and accounting of bank   

- the evaluation method of the credit rating   

- the risk management in the bank   

- the accounting of commercial banks and the bank-reporting   

- the instruments and institutions of the financial market    

- the cooperative banking

- the financial supervision

- the functions and operations of central bank   

- the modern monetary system   

- the credit policy of IMF and World Bank   

- the international capital market   

- the corporate finance

- the agribusiness.


Staff hours (2018/2019):


Professor Marian Żukowski

health leave



Grzegorz Zasuwa Ph.D.HAB.

Friday 9.10-10.40


Piotr Bolibok Ph.D.




Maria Zuba-Ciszewska Ph.D.

Thursday 10.50-12.20


Anna Dąbkowska MA

Thursday 10.50-12.20