• Master’s degree in the field of librarianship and scientifically- technical information;
  • Doctor of arts in the field of sociology;
  • Director of MGBP in Kock: 2004- 2008;
  • Assistant in the Chairs of Religion’s Philosophy of Catholic University of Lublin 2008- 2009;
  • Adiunct in the Chairs of the History of Intellectual Culture of Catholic University of Lublin 2009-
  • A memeber of the Team Dealing with Media Education with National Council of Radio and Television 2008-
  • Interests:
    • the sociology of culture,
    • electronic media,
    • social communication,
    • regionlaism.


  • The protection of the TV audience in the III Republic of Poland, edit. KUL, Lublin 2003 ss. 288.
  • The commune of Kock in the past and in the present, edit WSBiA, Łuków 2006 ss. 164.
  • The protection of a child and a family by media senders, in A family, a child , the media, edit. Gudium, Łublin s. 289- 304.
  • Over 30 scientific articles.

Publication in such articles as:

  • Folk Literature, Media studies, Quarterly Magazine of Pubilc Law, Annuals of Social Sciences of Catholic University of Lublin and Annuals of WSBiA’.