dr Elżbieta Trubiłowicz Elżbieta Trubiłowicz
Scientific degree: doctor
Position: lecturer for the Chair of Educational and Family Psychology
at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

Scientific interests:

Family Psychology and Educational Psychology with special interest in aiding development of children and young people, deprived of family or living, in dysfunctional families.

Experience abroad:

The Catholic University of Eichstatt, Bavaria, Germany: January - April 1991 - a scholarship from Katholischer Akademischer Auslander Dienst.

Subjects taught:

- General Psychology;
- Educational Psychology and Psychology for Teaching;
- bringing up children from a pathological environment;
- Family Psychology.

Selected publications:

Trubiłowicz, E. Studenci i ich świat - od stanu wojennego do Unii Europejskiej [Students and their world - from Martial Law to the European Union]. Wydawnictwo KUL: 2006.

Additional activity:

At the orphanage, I provide psychological care to present and past inmates. I provide psychological therapy, psychological support and advice. I prepare children, biological and foster families for optimal functioning within the system of foster family care. I also offer psychological advice to the staff, the families of inmates and the volunteers working in the orphanage. At the Specialist Family Clinic, I provide family, as well as individual therapy, for the inhabitants of Lublin. In the majority of cases, it is therapy for victims of violence and sexual abuse.


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