dr Bogusława Lachowska Bogusława Lachowska
Scientific degree: doctor
Position: senior lecturer of the Chair of Educational and Family Psychology
at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

Scientific interests:

1. Strong, healthy families, and the characteristics that make them successful.
2. Family in a difficult situation.
3. Dysfunctional Family Psychology.
4. Work - Family Interface.
5. Projective methods:
- the Polish adaptation of FACES IV questionnaire by D.H. Olson and associates;
- personality projection techniques.

Membership in scientific societies:

- co-operating member of the Scientific Society at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin;
- member of the Psychotherapeutic Section of the Polish Psychiatric Association;
- member of International Academy of Family Psychology;
- member of European Society on Family Relations.

Selected publications:

B. Lachowska, Człowiek dorosły wobec wymagań związanych z funkcjonowaniem w różnych sferach życia: zawodowej i rodzinnej [An adult faced with the requirements of functioning in two different spheres of life: work and family], "Psychologia Rozwojowa", issue 1/2008, pp. 101 - 114.

B. Lachowska, S. Lachowski, 2007, Mental wellbeing of children engaged in agricultural work activities and quality of family environment, Annales of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine, 14, 115-121.

B. Lachowska, 2007, Family Psychology in Poland: Main areas of interest and their changes, Newsletter of the International Academy of Family Psychology, 26, 7-17.

B. Lachowska, M. Łaguna, 2002, Draw a Family Test in Psychological Research, TN KUL, Lublin.

B. Lachowska, Dzieci osób owdowiałych [Children of widowed people], RW KUL, Lublin: 1998.


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