The faculty members undertake various research projects related to the two main scientific areas. The first area focuses on the issues of EU administrative law, including EU systemic administrative law, EU’s legal basis, multidimensional administration of the EU and the European administrative space. The research conducted within the framework of the above scientific trends is related to the research carried out within the Research Network on EU Administrative Law ( The second area comprises a wide range of issues with regard to the European economic law, including the functioning of the fundamental freedoms of the European internal market, competition and consumer protection laws, common trade policy, common agricultural policy and cohesion policy, among others.


Individual research programs of the faculty staff focus on the following thematic areas:


Marcin Szewczak, PhD, hab. – European law of regional development, EU systemic administrative law, health protection law

Małgorzata Ganczar, PhD – European competition law, especially the issue of the competition between operators on the market of electronic services, entrepreneurial obligations in distant contracts, the development of a genuine single digital market in the EU,

Edyta Krzysztofik, PhD – the significance of imperative requirements in the realisation of EU freedoms, the equality rule in the financing of common agricultural policy, the impact of CJEU case-law on fulfilling EU objectives,

Renata Pal, PhD – telecommunications market, free movement of goods

Anna Kosińska, PhD – migration law, fundamental rights in the EU, cultural policy

Anna Szachoń-Pszenny, PhD – common trade policy, customs law

Agnieszka Parol, MA – EU Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, EU decentralised agencies, Schengen area

Katarzyna Woch, MA – entrepreneurship, EU funds

Paweł Wojtasik, MA – Academic Recognition in the EU, migration law


The Department of European Union Law cooperates with various home and foreign scientific centres, including the Faculty of Eastern-European Law at the Lesya Ukrainka University in Lutsk, Faculty of Catholic Canon Law at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University in Budapest, the Faculty of Administration at the University of Ljubljana, Transdanubian Research Department at the Hungary Academy of Sciences in Pecs, Kharkiv Regional Institute of Public Administration (Ukraine), International University of Moldova, Faculty of Law at the University of Munster.


The Department is active within the framework of Eastern-European Network of Universities, which includes several universities from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldavia, Georgia and it cooperates with local administrative units and agencies from the area of cross-sectoral cooperation, such as, e.g. Łuck Town Hall (Ukraine), Agency for Regional Development in Kiszyniow (Moldavia), Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, Euroregion Bug Association.


Initiatives of the Department:

A list of organized conferences

A list of publications

Nationwide Quiz on European Integration

European Public Speaking Competition

European Law Academy


Fields of research:

  • legal education in the European Union member states
  • constitutional value of the right to peace
  • evolution of the principle of rejection of war in international law
  • free movement of goods within the European Union
  • free movement of persons within the European Union
  • customs law
  • immigration and asylum law
  • cultural aspects of European integration
  • intercultural communication
  • EU languages and their application in the EU law

Faculty Members:

Chair of the Department:
Marcin Szewczak, Hab. PhD


Full-Time Faculty:

Małgorzata Ganczar, PhD - Associate Professor

Edyta Krzysztofik, PhD - Associate Professor
Renata Pal, PhD - Associate Professor
Anna Szachoń-Pszenny, PhD - Associate Professor
Anna Kosińska, PhD - Associate Professor

Agnieszka Parol, PhD - Assistant

Katarzyna Woch, MA - Assistant

Paweł Wojtasik, MA - Assistant