autor: P.S. Soorae (ed.)

tytuł: Global Re-introduction Perspectives: 2013. Further case-studies from around the globe.
wydawnictwo: IUCN/SSC Re-introduction Specialis Group (RSG), Environment Agency - ABU DHABI
miejsce wydania: Gland, Switzerland
data wydania: 2013
liczba stron: xiv, 282
numer ISBN: 978-2-8317-1633-6

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This fourth edition of the Global Re-introduction Perspectives provides 52 case-studies covering invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and plants. The case-studies are presented in the same format as the previous three volumes and the case-studies are vividly illustrated with color photographs.
Letter from Shaikha Al Dhaheri, EAD viii
Letter from Richard Reading, DZF ix
Letter from Simon Stuart, SSC x
Letter from Frederic Launay, RSG xi
Overview and analysis of re-introduction case-studies xii
Invertebrates 1
Fen raft spider in the UK 1
Red barbed ant in the UK 6
Fish 10
Slimy sculpin in the USA 10
European mudminnow in Hungary 15
Eagle Lake raibow trout in the USA 21
Cutthroat trout in the USA 26
Amphibians 33
European tree frog in Latvia 33
Reptiles 37
Indigo snakes in the USA 37
Hermann's tortoise in France 42
Hungarian meadow viper in Hungary 47
Birds 53
Amazon parrots in Brazil 53
Crested ibis in Japan 58
Brown-headed nuthatch and eastern bluebird in the USA 63
Hihi (stitchbird) in New Zealand 68
Puaiohi (small Kauai thrush) in Hawai, USA 74
Eastern loggerhead shrike in Canada 80
Oriental white stork in Japan 85
Red-billed oxpecter in Zimbabwe 90
Brown treecreeper in Australia 95
Western bluebird in the USA 102
Mammals 107
Red wolf in the USA 107
Mexican wolves in Mexico 116
Iberian lynx in Spain 120
Brown bear in Italy 125
Hawaiian monk seals in the Hawaiian Archipelago & Johnson Atoll, USA 131
Large antelopes in Zimbabwe 137
Milu deer in China 143
Lichenstein's hartebeest in Zimbabwe 148
Swift fox, California Channel Island Fox & San Joaquin kit fox in USA and Canada 152
European mink in Estonia 159
One-horned rhino in India 164
Tule elk in the USA 168
Arabian gazelles in Saudi Arabia 174
Elk in Canada 180
Bison in the USA 186
European bison in the Carpathian Region, Europe 190
Wood bison in Russia 194
Desert bighorn sheep in the USA 198
Eastern barred bandicoot in Australia 204
Black-tailed prairie dogs in the USA 210
Bornean orangutans in Malaysia 215
Chimpanzees in Guinea, West Africa 222
Humboldt's woolly monkey in Colombia 229
Bobcats in Georgia, USA 235
Plants 241
Manglistia longipedaculata in China 241
Mongroves in Pakistan 246
Rhizophora mucronata in the UAE 252
Betic alder in Spain 257
Corunna daisy in Australia 263
Peep Hill hop bush in Australia 267
Large-headed daisy in Australia 272
Bakersfield cactus in the USA 277


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