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IKEA RETAIL Sp. z o.o.

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Strategy, Planning & Insights Manager

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About you:

  • You have ca 8-12 years of experience in market research (client’s side strongly preferred).
  • You are curious, and you always can answer the question “why?” – based on observations, analysis, and interpretation of people’s behaviours.
  • You are interested in: driving business opportunities, marketing, society, trends, and analysis (you may also reverse the order, but all are mandatory ;-) ).
  • You can synthesise every presentation into 5 sentences and present it in an understandable way to the Retail manager (it means CEO) and to a co-worker in the store.
  • You can implement research conclusions into the business, and you really feel your work is useless unless it’s communicated to the organisation.
  • Once you start a project, you are also eager to see it through.
  • You can prioritise your tasks and the work that is done in your team.
  • English is our working language - you don’t have to be proficient though, just don’t be afraid to give a presentation in English.

Zakres obowiązków

About the job:

  • Strategy – you will drive the business by giving simple and actionable directions for our actions, not only for the Marketing team, but also support sales team, new investments and any other function, where help would be needed.
  • Planning – you’ll be responsible for preparing frameworks for marketing activities, like communication strategy.
  • Insights – well, this word should be well known to you and we believe you know what to do with them (once you discover the relevant one!).
  • Manager – you’ll be leading a team of two skilled people and reaching many more with your knowledge and power, as you’ll be placed in the heart of the brand – in the Marketing team.


About the assignment:

  • Being the center for consumer knowledge, insights, and brand performance.
  • Cooperating with other departments within the company and influencing the reality with your knowledge and recommendations.
  • Developing new ideas and research approaches to help the business.
  • Working with different functions in the company so they are fully aware of what consumers feel/think/do.
  • Co-leading strategic planning process and in global projects.

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