In October 2009 the Catholic University of Lublin inaugurated the first year of full time BA studies in political science.

Students study full time for three years to achieve a BA in political science at the Catholic University of Lublin (six semesters). Full time studies are free of charge and no fees are collected from the students.

The studies comprise of obligatory and optional courses (lectures, tutorials and seminars) in four research areas:


  • Local democracy and local government
  • European integration
  • Political marketing and public communication
  • Eastern studies


The students, after defending his dissertation, obtains a BA in political science and is able to pursue an MA degree in political science (also at our institute).

Institute of Political Science at the Catholic University of Lublin offers a perfect combination of concrete and meaningful academic knowledge with the ambition to prepare the future political and social elites – competent local leaders, civil servants, political operatives and experts.


We guarantee:

  • experienced, competent and student friendly lecturers and teachers
  • second to none teaching and lecturing standards – including
  • access to the latest research
  • education with exciting job prospects
  • interesting internship offers
  • our own modern library



The Institute of Political Science of the Catholic University of Lublin is formed by five clusters with 18 academics (including six professors, eleven lecturers and one tutor).


Director of the Institute: Professor Stanisław Wójcik

Administrative assistant: Barbara Lendzion-Tokarska, MA



  • Modern History and Social Movements Research Cluster:

Head: Professor Marek Wierzbicki; Professor Jacek Wołoszyn, Konrad Słowiński, MA.


  • Local Politics and Local Goverment Research Cluster:

Head: Professor Stanisław Wójcik; Lech Jańczuk, PhD; Magdalena Waniewska-Bobin, PhD; Artur Kukuła PhD.


  • International Relations Research Cluster:

Head: Professor Andrzej Podraza,; Wojciech Gizicki, PhD; Marcin Kosienkowski, PhD; Beat Piskorska, PhD.


  • Political Theory Research Cluster:

Head: Agnieszka Łukasik-Turecka, PhD; Grzegorz Ronek, PhD; Agnieszka Zaręba, PhD.


  • Eastern Studies Research Cluster:

Head: Professor Andrzej Gil; Tomasz Stępniewski, PhD.