Field of the research: anthropological foundations of educational gerontology, pedagogy of old age, care for the elderly, cultural animation of the elderly, education of professionals to work in care.


Ph.D. thesis "The Old Person from the Personalistic Perspective. The Anthropological-Pedagogical Analysis" prepared under supervision of rev. prof. Andrzej Szostek and defended in 2010.



Selected publications in the field of gerontology and philosophy of education

  • Aging and Old Age as an Educational Endevour. Personalistic Foundations of Gerontological Pedagogy, KUL Press, Lublin 2011, pp. 270
  • Ageing - educational aspect, in: Catholic Encyclopedia, KUL Press, Lublin 2013
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  • Spiritual Dimension of Care: A Case Study of Caregivers' Practices with Elderly Women Religious (Sisters), co-autor with N.L. Davis, J. Dilitz, "Annals of Education" 2012
  • Forms of Social Support for the Elderly: the Example of Northwest Indiana Community Action in the United States, "Annals of Education" 2012


Classes on:

Social gerontology
Psychology of Aging
Cultural Animation of Adults and the Elderly
Theoretical Foundations of Cultural Animation
Palliative care

Lifelong Learning


Experience in the field of care for the elderly:

  • therapist in long-term care facility (6 months, 2013)
  • care assistant in UK (6 months, 2004, 2005)
  • cooperation with social welfare homes in Poland (field visists for students and activites with the elderly) (2010 ,2011, 2012)
  • lecturer in Lublin University if Third Age (2012/2013)
  • study visit in USA (day centers, care homes (including religious settings), hospices, local support for the elderly, Purdue Calumet University Gerontology Center) (2010)



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