The Media Culture Chair

We live in the information and communication society. There are not only opportunities, but also threats.


The Media Culture Chair undertakes important problems regarding the media and the picture of the world, which they create. The chair's research is focused on such topics as the manipulation, propaganda and techniques of influence, myths and stereotypes in the popular culture, the communication issues and, what is extremely important, media and cultural competences of the receivers of the media messages. The chair carries out the research and analysis of the media messages.


The Head: o. prof. Leon Dyczewski


Other employees:

PhD Aneta Duda

PhD Maciej Łętowski

PhD Leszek Mądzik

PhD Marek Pytko

PhD Anna Sugier-Szerega

PhD Justyna Szulich-Kałuża

PhD Robert Szwed

PhD Andrzej Turek

PhD Dariusz Wadowski

MA Małgorzata Sławek-Czochra

MA Helena Wilczewska-Łepkowska