The world on the threshold of the twenty-first century is characterized by a new configuration of economic and political forces. Decision-making center of the globe is steadily moving in the direction of the Pacific, leaving behind existing recognized powers, especially Western Europe. The old system, based on the Transatlantic relationship, goes into oblivion, and to the foreground comes the once neglected East. This phenomenon is especially visible in our Polish perspective.


Polish historical experience, which draws from the tradition of Latin and Byzantine civilizations as well as the achievements of the Orient, as well as our current location on the eastern flank of the European Union, gives us a unique opportunity to be open and unprejudiced towards Eurasia. It is clear that due to substantial geopolitical changes it is necessary to consider Eastern Studies in different contexts and aspects.This thought spawned the idea of the creation of the Department of Eastern Studies as this research unit, which will be able to take the trouble of multilateral and in-depth look at this subject.


dr hab. Tomasz Stępniewski head of the Department of Eastern Studies


dr hab. Andrzej Gil, prof. KUL

dr Andrzej Szabaciuk

dr Lech Jańczuk


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