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Below, we provide a handful of links that you might find useful

  • historical dictionaries of English, French and Latin

Bosworth-Toller Anglo-Saxon Dictionary


A Thesaurus of Old English


Old English Translator


Middle English Dictionary 



The Oxford English Dictionary



Dictionary of Old English


Dictionnaire du Moyen Français (1330-1500)



DicFro: historical dictionaries of Old French and Latin


William Whitaker's WORDS: Latin-English and English-Latin dictionary


Anglo-Norman Dictionary

  • libraries with manuscript collections and websites with manuscript images

British Library

Archives and Manuscipts


Bibliothèque nationale de France



Bodleian Library, University of Oxford




Chester Beatty Library


Cambridge University Digital Library


Oxford University, Early Manuscripts


Trinity College Library, Dublin


Production and Use of English Manuscripts 1060 to 1220, University of Leeds & University of Leicester


Bodleian Library, 

Electronic Catalogue of Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

  • paleography and medieval texts

Medieval writing

Complete corpus of Old English



Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse

  • first monolingual English dictionaries

A Table Alphabeticall of Hard Usual English Words (1604) by Robert Cawdrey



The English Dictionarie (1623) by Henry Cockeram


A Dictionary of the English Language (1755) by Samuel Johnson

  • Bibles and Psalters

King James Bible (1616)

  • podcasts and texts on history, linguistics and history of English

BBC Radio 4 In Our Time series: podcasts on history, culture, philosophy, religion and science


The History of English Podcast





  • ghg

Kwic concordance software

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