Scientific interest and research


My main scientific interests are in the field of:

  1. Production of green energy, including:
  • bioproduction of methanol,
  • bioenergetic technologies,
  • microbiological fuel cells (bioproduction of industrially applicable substances).
  1. Osmoprotectants and PHA biosynthesis by the methanotrophic bacteria.
  2. Bioremediation of the polluted environments.
  3. Spectroscopic analysis of aqueous solutions of kosmotropic substances (Hofmeister series).
  4. Application of GC techniques in analysis of non-proteinogenic aminoacid


Skills and methods

  • manual analytic methods (e.g.: soil, rocks, water and sludge physical and chemical parameters),
  • instrumental analytic methods: GC, GC-MS, HPLC, NMR, AAS, UV-VIS-NIR, potentiometric methods,
  • cultivation of microbes (solid and liquid media, bioreactors),
  • basic method of analysis of the soil microbial activity (respiration, enzymatic activity, abundance),
  • molecular biology techniques (DNA isolation from the environmental samples, purification and amplification)
  • PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction),
  • FISH (Fluorescence in situ hybrydyzation),
  • microscopic observations (light and fluorescence microscopy)