zhi.jpgRichard Zhi (職慧勇) M.A.

Independent Scholar & Writer, Chief Editor of Encyclopedia of Chinese Culture.

Has published more than 50 books. Has been to 27 countries, wants to visit 100.

Richard Zhi is an independent scholar, writer and the chief editor of The Encyclopaedia of Chinese Culture. He is also a director of the Chinese Association for World Ethnic Culture Studies. Furthermore, he has published more than 50 books..

Has published more than 50 books. Has been to 26 countries, wants to visit 100.


Mr. Zhi was Championship of the competition about Chinese Culture, which was televised on SXTV, and organized by the government of Shanxi Province in 1990.

He was the runner-up in a Chinese Culture competition broadcast on national Chinese TV. This competition was organized by The State Ethnic Affairs Commission of China and CCTV, the biggest TV station in China, in 1991.

He was Erdeng gongchen (二等功臣), awarded by the Government of Shanxi Province in 1991.


Richard Zhi studied in Minzu University of China and received a M.A. degree in 1996 (it is 3 years full time study).

Later, he studied an IMBA course run by HEC Paris, London Business School, NHH Norway and Warsaw University of Technology.


Being an independent scholar, Richard Zhi mainly studies Chinese culture, economics and language teaching.

He led a very big research team (more than 100 people) including top professors, researchers from different fields, Chinese central government officials, and Cultural Affair officials from every Chinese province.

He has completed big research programs organized by the Chinese government and organization, such as "Chinese Culture Research", "The Culture and Religion of China's Neighbouring Countries", "World Culture Research", and "The Economic Development in Central and Western Parts of China".


Richard Zhi published his first book in 1994, and up to now he has published more than 50 books which include: The Encyclopaedia of Chinese Culture, Tourism: A New Industry, Chinese Folk Music, and American.

He was the chief editor and main writer of The Encyclopaedia of Chinese Culture. The encyclopaedia took five years to finish and is made up of two volumes and contains 2.4 million Chinese characters. It was published in 1998.

Richard’s book: The Encyclopaedia of Chinese Culture.

Newspaper Column

Richard Zhi likes spending time with students and enjoys teaching. He is the founder of Richard's Potential Foreign Language Teaching Method.

To help more people to learn foreign languages, he wrote weekly columns in Taihang Daily and Shanxi Broadcasting and TV Newspaper. These columns are including "Elite Interview" and "Richard's Mailbox" and many more. He is adept at teaching small and large classes of about 1,000 people.

Richard’s weekly column: "Elite Interview".

Chinese Teaching

Today, Richard Zhi works with Prof. Lü Bisong, a renowned linguist, to do a research about the combinative Chinese teaching method. He uses this method together with his own in the language lab -- his class. He tries to find new ways for his students to learn Chinese more effectively.

Richard Zhi likes arts. He plays Chinese traditional instrument erhu very well and sings beautifully. He has published a book about Chinese folk music. He also likes Chinese traditional handwriting. In his Chinese teaching, he uses all this art elements, together with other cultures elements from his publications.

His teaching interests: Chinese, English, Chinese culture and economics.

Lecture to the students from Czech and Poland.


Tel: (0048) 517 825 062


Blog: http://blog.sina.com.cn/richardzhi123






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