Zagadki dźwięczności w j. polskim I - prezentacja powerpoint



Zagadki dźwięczności w j. polskim II - prezentacja powerpoint


Handout do wykladu II









Please help yourselves to the handout of Phonobabble2 (it is divided into 4 parts for reasons of size)

acoustics1.pdf acoustics1.pdf (1.31 MB)
acoustics2.pdf acoustics2.pdf (997.49 KB)
acoustics3.pdf acoustics3.pdf (861.75 KB)
acoustics3.pdf acoustics3.pdf (861.75 KB)
acoustics4.pdf acoustics4.pdf (2.61 MB)

In this file, you will find some more details about acoustic phonetics and audition, but it is best to look at the sources below:
Basic_acoustis_and_audition.pdf Basic_acoustis_and_audition.pdf (111.52 KB)

Peter Ladefoged,2001, Vowels and Consonants. An introduction to the sounds of languages, Blackwell Publishers.

Keith Johnson, 1997, Acoustic and Auditory phonetics, Blackwell Publishers.

Dennis Fry, 1979, The physics of speech, Cambridge University Press.

Kenneth N. Stevens, 1998, Acoustic phonetics, The MIT Press.

This file contains spectrograms of a few polish words which you can use to quiz yourselves.
spectrogramme_quiz2.jpg spectrogramme_quiz2.jpg (4.18 MB)

You may also go to the following pages;

On this page you will find a general set of links that you can use as the starting point of your own investigations in acoustic phonetics


You will also find the WASP speech analyzer to download here


You may download a more sophisticated program as well







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