Phonology course, MA Year 1 (2016/2017)



Your first reading:


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The group of students absent last week (5th Jan) will have extended test sheets to include a question concerning Polish voicing. For example:


1. illustrate the differences between binary representation of voice, Laryngeal Realism and Laryngeal Relativism 

2. explain the following terms: spontaneous voicing, passive voicing, active voicing, phonetic interpretation, default rule,

3. discuss contexts for delaryngealization (voicing neutralization) in Polish


All the necessary information can be found here:




This is your sample test. This time it is mostly descriptive and requires you to study the text below very carefully. Real studying! The test will take place on 19th January

2017 sample test in phonology


This is the text which you should start reading as it will be the basis of your January 19th test.

harris97 lic inheritance




This is a sample test, not all questions will be used in the actual test.

2016 phonology test


Please read this chapter and make sure you understand everything. You have a chance to ask about things you don't understand in the next class. 


Your current reading list







Your current handout list




















Print this handout and bring it to class. We need to discuss some of it.



if you come from different background and you feel phonetics and phonemic analysis are black magic to you, study this text, it might be tested...:










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