Prof. Stanislaw Jedrzejewski Ph.D

home: +48 ( 0-22) 756 27 17

mobile: +48 601 330 041



Graduate of Institute of Sociology and MBA at University of Warsaw.

Professor of Institute of Journalism and Social Communication at Catholic University of Lublin

Former member and vice-chairman of European Broadcasters Union Radio Committee, Geneva (1995-2007)

He has been a member of the board of the radio public broadcaster Polish Radio (1994-98 ) and Polish Radio Programme Director ( 1990 – 93 and 1998 - 99 ) and Polish Radio 1 Controller ( 2003 – 2005 ).

Ex member of National Broadcasting Council.

Chairman of Supervisory Board of Polish Radio.

Head of Radio Research and TV Peoplemeter Department in TNS Poland 1999 – 2001

He has been worked in Communication and Society Research Centre at University of Minho, Braga, Portugal 2009-2011

Member of International Radio Research Network. Vice-chair of Radio Section of ECREA

Author of numerous studies, articles and reports on radio and new media.

Recent publications:


S.Jedrzejewski, A.Gazi, G.Starkey(eds.) Radio Content in the Digital Age (2011) London Intellect

PSB Radio in Europe in Digital Era (2010) Krakow Universitas

P.Francuz, S.Jedrzejewski(eds) New Media and Visual Communication (2010) Lublin KUL Publisher

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The Medium with Promising Future. Radio in Central and Eastern European Countries ( ed. Stanislaw Jedrzejewski) Lublin 2007 KUL Publisher ( in English)

Digital radio : problems and dilemmas of radio development (2007)

in :Transformaciones de la radio y la television en Europa ( ed. Carmen Penafiel Saiz) Bilbao 2007 Universidad del Pais Vasco ( in English and Spanish)pp 39-52