Target group: Dutch scholars and students of Dutch, people interested in the Dutch language, culture and literature

Conference language: mainly English, part of the lectures can be held in Polish or in Dutch.

9.30 Registration
10.00 Welcome
10.15 Prof. dr Jaap L. Goedegebuure (Leiden) – World War II in Dutch literature
10. 45 Mgr Przemysław Paluszek (Wrocław) - Literary metacriticism: Constantijn Huygens rediscovered? The picture of Constantijn Huygens in the 19th century Dutch literary criticism
11.15 Marzena Anna Wójtowicz (Wrocław) - Kochanowski vs Vondel. One psalm in two interpretations
11.30 Coffee break
12.00 Prof. dr hab. Ryszard Żelichowski (Warszawa) - From Brzeziny to Tuschinski Theaters. In memory of Abraham I. Tuschinski (1886-1942)
12.30 Mgr Marta Kargól (Kraków) - Lecture cancelled due to illness
13.00 Lunch break
14.00 Prof. dr Flip G. Droste – The Low Countries: the once united 17 provinces
14.30 Mgr Jo Sterckx (Poznań) - The image of Poland/Poles in Dutch cultural texts (2000-10)
15.00 Mgr Cyprian Matysiewicz (Capgemini) - Polish, Dutch and Flemish outsourcing business coorporation
15.30 Coffee break
16.00 Mgr Anna Wiśnicka (Lublin) - Holland and the emergence of modernism. Rietveld Schröder House as an example of modern thought transformed into architecture and design
16.30 Mgr Katarzyna Wiercińska (Poznań) - Flemish interlanguage (Vlaamse tussentaal): Flemish identity vs. the linguistic picture of reality as shown in ‘The Misfortunates’ (‘De Helaasheid der Dingen’)
17.00 Mgr Oksana Duchak (Lublin) - Strategic methods for improvement of higher education, research and science policy in the Netherlands
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