Supervisor from the Department

  • Soil metagenomes as indicator of miocrobial biodiversity degradation in arable soils from the Lublin District (DEC-2013/09/D/NZ9/02482, 2014 - 2016)
  • The role of methanotrophic symbionts of Sphagnum sp. in decreasing methane emission in the area of Poleski National Park [N N305 299440, 2011-2014]
  • Recognition of the methanotrophic activity and attempt of identification of the methanotrophic bacteria inhabiting coalbed rocks in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin [N N305 326939, 2010-2013]
  • Influence of the way of handling and hydrological conditions on mobilization of biogens and condition of plants in the floodplains of area of the Lesser Poland Gorge of the Vistula river [IP2010 001070, 2010-2011]
  • Biotechnological potential of the endophytic complex Sphagnum - methanotroph [2011/01/N/NZ9/06811, 2011-2012]
  • Dehydrogenase activity of the soil microorganisms and oxygen availability in selected mineral soils in Poland [N 305 009 32/0514, 2007-2009]
  • Recognition of biogeochemical barriers in the reconstruction of wetland ecosystems in the area of Chodelka river [PO4G 113 29, 2005-2007].
  • Plant responses to dynamic hydrological conditions [Holand, Nijmegen KUL-RUN 2003-2008].
  • Biogeochemical constraints for combined water retention and nature development in Małopolski Przełom Wisły floodplains [Holandia, Nijmegen KUL-RUN 2003-2008].
  • Recognition of the methanotrophic abilities of coal waste rocks accompanying coal deposits, in order to limit methane emission from landfills [PO4G 040 20, 2001-2003].
  • Bioaccumulation of heavy metals from municipal waste by Azolla caroliniana, [Project financed by WIOŚ, 2002].
  • Influence of soil aeration on degradation and mobility of the selected phosphate-organic compounds [6 PO6B 01320, 2001-2002].
  • Influence of nitrate concentration and temperature on N2O emission from selected soils from Poland [6 P04G 075 19, 2000-2001].


External supervisor

  • New generation of diet supplements based on the yeast Yarrowia lipolytica (EFS, 1/6-11-13)