Rev. Paweł Kaleta, JCD - Assistant Professor


Education Background


Born in Radom on the 17th of May 1977.  Priest serving in the Diocese of Radom.

He studied at Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw  from 1998 -2004 and gained  a Master's Degree in Theology.

In 2004, he was ordained priest by Archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski in the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Mary, Radom.

From 2004 to 2011  he served as parish priest, catechist and retreat minister.


In 2005 he studied Cannon Law at the John Paul II Catholic University of  Lublin  Faculty of Law, Cannon Law and Administration. In 2008 he gained  a Master's Degree in Cannon Law based on the work titled:

“Effectiveness of the complaint plaintiff in the canonical process of annulment of marriage”

The work was promoted by Marta Greszata-Telusiewicz  hab. JCD, University Professor.

Following the submission of the BA examination in Cannon Law, he continued his legal studies in the field of Ecclesiastical Patrimonial Law.


In 2011, he received a Doctorate in Law in the field of Property Law based on the hearing:

“The tasks of the administrator of church property in the light of Cannon Law Code 1983 and Polish Diocesan Synods”  The work was carried out under the guidance of  Rev. Stanislaw Dubiel  hab. JCD, University Professor

From October 2011 he undertook the post of  Assistant in the  Department of Ecclesiastical Patrimonial Law.

From October 2011 he fulfils the position of  secretary of  this cathedral and is a member of the Association of Polish Canonists and Canon Law Society of Great Britain & Ireland.