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Roboty, niewolnicy i paradoks ludzkiej kondycji w opowieściach o robotach Izaaka Asimova 23

The Initial Stage of Cognition and Visualization in Cultural Studies 40

Digital Humanity in the Post-Modern Era: Attempts at Diagnosis and Prognosis from the Perspective of Christian Thought 57

Philosophical Motifs in the Poetry of Cyprian Norwid 80

The Prophetic Ironist at the Turn of Epochs: Possible Marks of Kierkegaard’s Irony Concept in Norwid’s Poem Quidam 99

Emanation of Inspiration or Just a Product? Chosen Examples of Problems that Literature and Writers Faced after the Birth of the Free Market in the 19th Century 117

Culture and Market—a Relationship of Conflict or Symbiosis? 132

The Status of Implementation of Changes in the Management of Organizations in the Cultural and Creative Sectors Resulting from Changes in the Environment 145

Polish Literature in Japani 169

Cieszyn Borderland, Borderlands of Identification: the Dimensions of Otherness and Strangeness in Texts of Jan Wantuła, Jan Szczepański, and Józef Pilch 193

Women in Media Culture: an Outline Based on the Scripted Documentaries 214




The Religious Dimension of Love on the Example of Maurice Béjart’s Ballet Bhakti 224


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