autor: S. Cătănoiu, R. Deju, K. Perzanowski (eds.)

tytuł: Studies and research in Vanatori Neamt Nature Park, vol. II
wydawnictwo: Vanatori Neamt Nature Park
miejsce wydania: Piatra Neamt, Romania
data wydania: 2009
liczba stron: 214
numer ISBN: 978-973-7979-68-1









The "Studies and Research in Vanatori Neamt Nature Park, vol. II" allow us to highlight the biodiversity of the Park, but also express the result of two years collaboration between a Polish University and a Romanian Nature Park. We simply thank to uor Polish friends for their professional approach, especially to prof. dr Kajetan Perzanowski, who was uor mentor and friend, for almost a decade.

Sebastian Cătănoiu & Răzvan Deju

1. Introduction 5
2. Spatial structure of Vanatori Neamt Nature Park 7
3. Daily and spatial variability of temperature and humidity at the ground level within forest and meadow habitats of the mountainous landscape 12
4. Basic characteristics of soil and plant associations at four selected forest sites within Vanatori Neamt Nature Park (breeding enclosure for European bison) 17
5. The decomposition rate of organic matter in four various tree stands of Romanian Carpathians (Vanatori Neamt Nature Park) 23
6. An influence of temperature upon metabolic activity of soils in four different tree stands of Romanian Carpathians (Vanatori Neamt Nature Park) 28
7. A comparison of ground vegetation microstructure at selected sites in Chitele Region 33
8. Browse and ground flora supply in selected tree stands of Vanatori Neamt Nature Park 40
9. Characteristics of abundance and biomass of invertebrates in three types of habitats in Cracăul Valley (Vanatori Neamt Nature Park) 47
10. Variability in the biomass of invertebrates, plants and forest litter in forest stands selected within Vanatori Neamt Nature Park, Romania 54
11. Diversity of small mammals fauna from Vanatori Neamt Nature Park (Romania) 60
12. Effects of a grazing system for a mountain pasture at Vanatori Neamt Nature Park 68
13. Influence of a pasture meter plate weight on the precision of vegetation assessments 73
14. In vivo estimation of dry body mass and non-organic matter content in beetles 78
15. Methods and techniques for the monitoring of small mammals 85
16. Application of biocenotic indexes in biotic monitoring 91
Summary 97


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