Bachelor’s degree studies


It lasts 3 years including a thesis at the end of the study. Bachelor’s degrees are available in engineering, science, arts, economy, management and many more fields. A bachelor’s degree is known in the European Higher Education as the first cycle. You may be also familiar with the term ‘undergraduate’.


Master’s degree studies


After completing a Bachelor’ degree you are allowed to start a Master’s degree programme. Master’s degree focuses mainly on a precise path of study. The length of master’s degree is 2 years including a master’s thesis at the end of the study. Master’s degree is the second cycle of the European Higher Education System.


Doctoral studies


Doctoral studies (third-cycle studies) are accessible for a person who have already finished a Master’s degree programme in a related field. This kind of studies are offered by both universities (within technical, medical and economics universities) and other research institutions (especially departments of the Polish Academy of Science). Depending on course availability classes at third-cycle are held in English.

Usually PhD programme lasts 3 to 4 years. A degree can be obtained by a candidate who pass a PhD examination and defend a doctoral dissertation in a presence of thesis committee.