szkolo_enOne week summer school will be organized in July 2016 and 2017 - directed to foreign students, but also the migrants’ leaders, which will be invited by the University (20 people). Thanks to such orientation of the school educating the so-called multipliers will be possible, allowing them to pass their knowledge to the local migrants’ environments. The program of the summer school covers daily classes (8h) and networking visits. The idea of the Summer School program will focus on thematic days, while realization of the program will help to build an effective system of support for migrants in terms of legal and civic education. They will be equipped with knowledge and skills of effective protection of their rights.


Topics of the classes: Protection of Human Rights in Poland, organization of the judiciary and state administration, NGOs and international organizations dealing with migrants’ issues, an outline of the European migration law, complaint to the Ombudsman and the right to good administration, the most important judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union in the cases concerning foreigners, complaint to the European Court of Justice.

A formula of the summer school will have a unique character – basing on theoretical knowledge participants will be acquainted with methods of practical protection of their rights and asserting their claims.

The action will be realized by the Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration KUL, Research Center for European Law and Migration Policy and The Open University KUL.


Under the patronage of the Office for Foreigners


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