The Institute of Lexicography (until 31.08.2006 Interfaculty Institute of Lexicography) is a scientific institution established in 1970 by the University Senate of the Catholic University of Lublin. Since the very beginning its principal aim has been to gather and elaborate materials for encyclopedic and lexical publications, especially for the Catholic Encyclopedia. The Institute uses its own modern databases, continually being rebuilt and modified, with an amount of information indispensable to make new enterprises.
The staff of the Institute consists now of approximately 30 persons, representing various fields of humanistic sciences, mainly theological, for instance Roman Catholic Church theology, neothomistic philosophy, history, literature studies etc. With its 41 domains the Catholic Encyclopedia is nowadays the most popular religious lexicographical publication in Poland. It is also marked by the widest range of the topics involved and up to date bibliography. Till now, 12 volumes of it have been published.
The Institute of Lexicography has prepared also the scientific series called “Library of the Catholic Encyclopedia” (Biblioteka Encyklopedii Katolickiej), with the purpose of presenting some important themes of the Catholic Encyclopedia as independent studies. There have been published so far the following monographies: Historiography (No 1), Calendars (No 2), Jesus Christ – an Icon of History and Faith (No 3), Jesus Christ – an Icon of Culture and Art (No 4), Catholic University of Lublin on its 90th Anniversary (No 5).
The Institute participates also in publishing of another religious encyclopedies (Russian Catholic Encyclopedia, Moscow). The members of the Institute take part as well in the scientific programs of the University, as far as other scientific institutions.