Activities of the Institute

The major achievements of the Institute of Fundamental Theology since 2000

All the events only signalled here (and also others) are described more extensively on the pages of particular Chairs.


1. „Christianity of tomorrow” – II International Congress of Fundamental Theology, organized on September 18-21, 2001 at KUL with participation of scholars from Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and the United States of America.


2. Lexicon of Fundamental Theology (Lublin-Kraków 2002, 1429pp.) – the second lexicon in the field of fundamental theology in the world, and the first one in Polish; it contains articles treating the whole spectrum of problems of fundamental theology (278 thematic entries, 166 biographical entries, 163 cross-references); the entries were written by specialists in fundamental theology and in other theological disciplines – by biblical scholars, systematic theologians, Church historians, and also by philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, religious studies scholars (109 authors all together). The editors – Fr. Marian Rusecki (editor in chief), Fr. Krzysztof Kaucha, Ireneusz Sławomir Ledwoń, OFM, Fr. Jacenty Mastej together with the erstwhile Rector of KUL – prof. Andrzej Szostek, MIC, Fr. Zbigniew Krzyszowski (staff member of the Institute) and representatives of the publishing house – Wydawnictwo “M” – presented John Paul II (to whom the work had been dedicated) with a specially bound copy of the Lexicon during a private audience on December 6th, 2002. In Lublin the Lexicon earned the editors the Lublin Scholarly Award 2002 (Premium Scientiarum Lublinense).


3. Fr. Prof. Dr. hab. Marian Rusecki presented with a Festschrift on his 65th birthday anniversary – during a yearly meeting of the Polish fundamental theologians in Lublin, September 27th, 2007. Brief report by the University Newsreel (Akademicka Kronika Filmowa – AKF; in Polish) – akf-ksiega-pamiatkowa-ku-czci-ks-prof-m-ruseckiego,art_6888.html


4. 50th Anniversary of reactivation of the Chair of the History and Ethnology of Religion – a conference, Lublin, October 24, 2008. A brief report by the University Newsreel (Akademicka Kronika Filmowa – AKF; in Polish) – akf-badania-nad-religiami-afryki-oraz-religijnoscia-polski-i-ukrainy,art_13244.html


5. Islam Day in the Roman Catholic Church in Poland – in cooperation with doctoral students, members of the university chaplaincy choir and the Muslim community in Lublin the Islam Day was celebrated in January 2004 and 2005.


6. The Institute Members in the Polish Academy of Science and Lublin Scientific Association -  members of the Institute, especially Fr. Prof. Marian Rusecki, contributed significantly to the foundation (2003) and functioning of the Committee of Theological Disciplines in the Polish Academy of Science, and to establishing the Commission of Theological Disciplines in the Faculty of Humanities of the Lublin Scientific Association.

            Fr. Prof. Henryk Zimoń has been a member of the Committee of Ethnological Disciplines in the Polish Academy of Science since 1990. 


7. During the entire period of functioning 78 doctoral dissertations were prepared and defended at the Institute (under the supervision of: Fr. Prof. T. Chodzidło, SVD - 4, Fr. Prof. E. Kopeć - 15; Fr. Prof. S. Nagy - 12; Fr. Prof. M. Rusecki - 35; Fr. Prof. H. Zimoń - 12) and over 400 M.A. theses.