/Lublin z duszą, Urząd Miasta Lublin/


/Lublin z duszą, Urząd Miasta Lublin/



Dear Students of The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin,


We want invite you to take part in "The soul of Lublin" walk. It is gonna be on Thursday, May 14th.

We're very glad to organize the walks for you "The soul of Lublin" ("Lublin z Duszą". I confirm the date - 14 of May, 13.00 - 16.00 (the meeting point: Wieża Trynitarska). We show you many interesting places, institutions localized on the route in the center of our city -  "Stare Miasto". That would be also the possibility to get to know many creative and passionate people who live here and work. "The soul of Lublin" is the chance to discover the beauty of our city and to make friendship with it. :)

See you soon!


Barbara Kostecka
Urząd Miasta Lublin

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