Introduction to Linguistics, Year III


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(for 14th November 2016)


1. Sample tests for First class General Intro (we might or might not have it but you need to be prepared...)




2. Reading in phonetics reading_in_phonetics

Questions to reading 03_homework_2

Class handout 02Fonetyka_1




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This is the first handout please download it. You may read it. Pay attention to the homework list of questions for the first reading for next class.



This is the first reading in pdf. Your instructions for this reading are in the above handout.







Phonetics, Year I


Your first handout. You may study it, but you do not need to print it. I have copies for everyone.




Zipped sound files with the dialogues
























Useful links and goodies to download

The IPA chart of phonetic symbols
IPAchart2005.pdf IPAchart2005.pdf (58.11 KB)

IPA font which you can install on your computer and enjoy using (52.57 KB)

A short text providing a revision of phonetics (Carr 1993)
Revision_of_phonetics.pdf Revision_of_phonetics.pdf (655.73 KB)

Edward Sapir "Language"



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