Phonetics, Year I

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1. Long poem to transcribe (till end of May)the_poem_below_is_called_the_chaos_1


2. 3 weak forms in a row








1.Here you find all dialogues we need for practice in transcription. Please have this handout with you at all times!



2. Please download "Does it fit 1-10" below. Unpack and listen to 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, and 2.2

We will work on all four dialogues. And next time they will be marked.


3. Study the IPA symbols (from "phonetic symbols kit" below) because we are going to work on transcription of words.


4. A handout with weak forms (please try to have it with you)





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Your first handout. You may study it, but you do not need to print it. I have copies for everyone.




Zipped sound files with the dialogues
























Useful links and goodies to download

The IPA chart of phonetic symbols
IPAchart2005.pdf IPAchart2005.pdf (58.11 KB)

IPA font which you can install on your computer and enjoy using (52.57 KB)

A short text providing a revision of phonetics (Carr 1993)
Revision_of_phonetics.pdf Revision_of_phonetics.pdf (655.73 KB)

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