128-channel system for EEG/ERP studies, data analysis

We participated in the workshop on 128-channel system for EEG/ERP studies from 12th through the 14th of April, 2008. We learned how to prepare experiments, acquire, review, and analyze research data. The workshop was run by an Electrical Geodesics specialist.


Eyetracker and data presentation

Specialists from Sensomotoric Instruments Company (Germany) conducted a workshop on September 10th, 2008 focused on using non-invasive eye tracking technology based on corneal reflex measurement by Eyetracker SMI iView X Hi-Speed.


Biofeedback Therapy and physiological biofeedback data analysis

We participated in a workshop run by BioMed specialists (Wrocław, Poland) between 9th and 10th of October, 2008. The workshop covered the issues of biofeedback therapy and research potential of a Biograph Infiniti FlexComp system.

3D Duality System, 3D data visualisation

A representative from “Inition” (Centre of 3D expertise and technology in London) installed a set of multimedia projectors and screens between the 15th and the 16th of October, 2008. MSc students, PhD students and Laboratory employees participated in workshops on the creation and the display of 3D objects and images.