Monographic lecture

The lecture offers an overview of the field of historical linguistics with special emphasis on theories of sound change.


files to download:  


  sample exam sample exam



reading list reading list     a list of articles/books that the lecture is largely based on.




L4 2008 Lecture 4

L5-2008 Lecture 5

L5-2008  mechanisms_of_language_change


June 2014 (without lectures 6 and 7)

Lecture 6 Lecture 6

Lecture 7 Lecture 7




2nd year MA reading: (choose three papers from the list)


1) Diachronic phonology by Ricardo Bermudez-Otero pdf pdf

2) Phonologization by Larry Hyman pdf pdf

3) The phonetics of sound change by John Ohala pdf pdf

4) Phonological change in optimality theory by Ricardo Bermudez-Otero pdf pdf

5) Social structure and Language change by Peter Trudgill pdf pdf

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