Department of Greek and Latin Patrology in Church History

The moment the Catholic University of Lublin was established, the Faculty of Patrology was set up as part of its Department of Theology. The first Chairman of this Faculty - before he joined the University of Warsaw in 1929 - was the Rev. Prof. Jan Czuj. After a long years' break, in 1984, the Faculty of Patrology was granted its first post-war chairman, the Rev. Franciszek Drączkowski, PhD. As the staff of scholars developed, it was decided in 1996 to divide what was thitherto a single Faculty of Patrology into two independent units: Faculty of Greek Patrology, chaired by the Rev. Prof. Franciszek Drączkowski, PhD, and the Faculty of Latin Patrology, which was to be run by the Rev. Jerzy Pałucki, PhD, former Faculty-of-Patrology Lecturer. Later on, the Faculty of Greek Patrology employed, inter alia: the Rev. Mariusz Szram, PhD; the Rev. Piotr Szczur, PhD; the Rev. Marcin Wysocki, PhD.

The basic subject of research of the Faculty of Greek Patrology includes, as the name would suggest, writings by the Greek-language Church Fathers. As part of detailed studies, research is undertaken on ecclesiology of the Greek Fathers, their spirituality, preaching, aretology. An important field of interest is methodology of theology, as reflected in a new theological method elaborated - the chartographic (geometric) method, drawing its richness from teachings of the Greek Fathers and useful in catechesis. As part of the Faculty's activities, a scholarly seminar is held at which students for the master's and doctor's degree render themselves acquainted with writings and theology of the Greek Church Fathers.