Department of Church History in Christian Antiquity and in the Middle Ages

Established in 1964, the Faculty of the History of the Church in the Middle Ages carries out scholarly research and popularises knowledge on the history of the universal Church and the Church in Poland in the mediaeval period. Owing to the unique role of Lublin as a place located on the borderland of cultures, the Faculty, ever since established, has put special emphasis on research in the area of the history of the Church in the Eastern Borderland of the former Polish/Lithuanian Commonwealth. The research in question forms the grounds for a scholarly seminar which produces diploma theses; Faculty members take part in scholarly seminars at home and abroad, including by presenting their papers; besides, monographic lectures are delivered to broaden and deepen the students' historical knowledge; scholarly works are published (incl. books, a variety of articles and encyclopaedia entries). Studies on the history of the Church in the Middle Ages are mainly based on sources published and unpublished. Until 1975, the Chairman of the Faculty was Bishop Marian Rechowicz, followed by the Rev. Prof. Marek T. Zahajkiewicz (in office till 2006). Today, the Faculty Curator is the Rev. Prof. Jan Walkusz and the Lecturer is the Rev. Stanisław Tylus, PhD.