DIRECTOR: Leszek Ćwikła, Hab. PhD 

The School of Ukrainian Law was established as an independent entity in October 2004. The opening of the school followed the signature of agreements on cooperation between the Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration, Catholic University of Lublin and the Faculty of Law, Ivan Franko National University in Lviv and the State Academy of National Economy in Tarnopol (now State University of National Economy in Tarnopol).

The school's objective is to share the knowledge about the legal system of Ukraine, as well as popularizing the economic and cultural development of the country. In the future, this should result in the strengthening of mutual contacts and cooperation between the Catholic University of Lublin and the scientific centers in Ukraine. In the longer term, the school's activity may contribute to reinforcing cultural ties and common interests between the two nations.

Now, the school offers specialized courses in the rudiments of Ukrainian law - it is a full-time master course for students taking law as the major (from the third year) - and a two-semester post-graduate program on the same subject available to all university graduates. The lectures cover the basic fields of Ukrainian law and are delivered by the academics of the Catholic University of Lublin and Ukrainian universities. The students having no or limited conduct of Ukrainian have the opportunity to join a language course.