The transformation of the environmental and materials engineering department into a branch of the Catholic University of Lublin located in Stalowa Wola was related to the construction of an expensive teaching and laboratory base at Ofiar Katynia Street and Kwiatkowskiego Street. In addition, our branch was among the universities that received support from the budget of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship self-government for investment purchases.


This in short means that our branch is equipped with new, modern equipment, which is already available to students.


The establishment of the branch is a new stage in the presence of KUL in Stalowa Wola. It will enable the expansion of the didactic offer, including postgraduate studies. The fact of the existence of a branch instead of a faculty underlines its strict adherence to an integrally understood university; It is not one of several faculties, but a "daughter" of the entire university - it is integrally associated with each of the faculties and with each discipline in which research is conducted at KUL - informs Monika Stojowska, KUL press spokesman.


It is also worth mentioning that the graduates of the KUL branch in Stalowa Wola receive a university diploma.


Classes are conducted by lecturers associated with the departments of the Catholic University of Lublin in Lublin. The offer of postgraduate studies is to be enriched, among others for courses enabling teaching qualifications. In the future, it is planned to launch new courses, including studies in early childhood education. High-level education is possible thanks to a modern didactic base, as well as cooperation with local authorities, which can be a model example of cooperation for the development of higher education.