Master of Law In Health Law


With health care the fastest growing sector of the economy, the field of health law offers attorneys an increasing number of career opportunities. Health lawyers represent hospitals, insurance companies, or clients in medical malpractice cases. They also work for hospitals and other health care providers, government agencies, corporations, pharmaceutical and other health product companies, groups of health professionals, and in academia. A knowledge of health law also is useful in other areas of legal practice. For example, lawyers representing clients in labor and employment law cases will benefit from a knowledge of occupational safety and health law, disability discrimination law, and employee health benefits law. An understanding of law and psychiatry is valuable to criminal lawyers. Patent lawyers will benefit from an understanding of the latest discoveries in biomedical technology.

The immediacy and scope of topics in health law make it one of the most interesting areas of legal study. These topics include human experimentation, medical malpractice, genetics, managed care, reproductive health, hospital liability, health care finance, euthanasia, AIDS, drug and alcohol abuse, disability discrimination law, and occupational safety and health. As the health care industry continues to grow, the study and practice of health law must expand to meet new demands. Through education, research, and service this studies  will help guide this expansion.



Courses include:

Advanced Health Law
Advanced Public Health Law & Ethics
Biotechnology and the Law
Food & Drug Law
Forensic Medicine
Fraud & Abuse
Genetics and the Law
Health Law Clinic I
Health Law I: Bioethics and Quality of Care
Health Law Transactions
Health Privacy
HIV and the Law
Law & Bioethics Seminar
Law & Ethics in Health Policy
Law & Psychiatry Seminar
Law, Medicine, and Public Policy Seminar
Legal Issues in Health Care
Life & Health Insurance
Poverty, Health, & Public Policy
Regulation of Health Care Professionals

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