Department of Dogmatic Theology


    Dogmatic theology has been in a strong position ever since the Catholic University of Lublin was founded in 1918. The first lectures were given by Rev Piotr Kremer, professor of fundamental theology; whereas the first dogmatist was Fr Czesław Lacrampe, whose lectures began in September 1919. The lectures on Dogmatic Theology was also delivered by Rev Błażej Czesnysz and Fr Zygmunt Ogarek. The Section of Dogmatic Theology was created in 1922. Next series of courses on Dogmatic Theology was led by: Rev Henryk Cichocki, PhD, Rev Michał Niechaj, PhD, Fr Marian Morawski SJ and Rev Antoni Słomkowski, who later became the Dean of Faculty of Theology (1937-1939) and, after the World War II, Rector of Catholic University of Lublin (1944-1951).
    In the post-war years (since 1944) the Section of Dogmatic Theology was thriving. Apart from Rev Prof. A. Słomkowski, dogmatics was lectured by Rev Andrzej Krupa, later Dean of Faculty of Theology, and the great dogmatist Rev Wincenty Granat, the Vice-dean of the Faculty (1956-1958) and the Rector (1965-1970), whose beatification process is now open. Their successors: Abp prof. A. Nossol, St. C. Napiórkowski and Cz. S. Bartnik, until their retirement, laid the solid foundations for new research.
    Nowadays, the Department of Dogmatic Theology consists of 7 chairs (in brackets names of current chairmen can be found):
Chair of the History of Dogmas (K. Góźdź)
Chair of Historic Theology (M. Kowalczyk)
Chair of Christology (K. Guzowski)
Chair of Mariology (K. Góźdź)
Chair of Pneumatology and Ecclesiology (A. Czaja)
Chair of the Theology of Icon (K. Klauza)
Chair of Christian Personalism (K. Guzowski)
    After the World War II, A. Słomkowski was appointed the director of the department. His successors were: A.L. Krupa (until 1950), B. Radomski (1950-1952), W. Granat (1952-1965), A. L. Krupa (1965-1976), Cz. S. Bartnik (1976-1997), K. Góźdź (1997-2008), K. Klauza (2006-2007). The current director of the department is Rev Prof. Krzysztof Guzowski (2008).