ADR Research Centre "Law and Economy"


ADR Research Centre „Law and Economy” is an organizational unit of the Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration of KUL in Lublin. The Director and the Programme Council are the competent bodies of the ADR Research Centre.


Tasks of the ADR Research Centre include in particular:


1.   building a strategy for the development of ADR in Poland, cross-border negotiation, mediation and arbitration through scientific research and the formulation of proposals for legislation in this area,

2.   presenting results of the research and opinions of accomplished programmes in the field of alternative dispute resolution methods,

3.   monitoring and analyzing of the processes undergoing within the domestic and foreign economy as well as investigating influence of the legal regulations on functioning of the economy and development of the entrepreneurship,

4.   issuing publications related to the alternative dispute resolution methods,

5.   cooperation with Polish and foreign: research centers, legal societies, institutions dealing with alternative dispute resolution methods, as well as with business communities,

6.   organising meetings and conferences related to the alternative dispute resolution methods,

7.   acquiring partners for the purposes of implementation of tasks of the ADR Research Centre,

8.   resolving disputes by using alternative dispute resolution methods,

9.   organising student traineeships in institutions related to the alternative dispute resolution methods,

10. organising and mentoring postgraduate studies, courses and trainings.


Within the ADR Research Centre the following bodies are functioning:


a)   Research Group gathering academic researchers in fields of legal, social, humanistic and philosophical sciences, legal practitioners, entrepreneurs, mediators, negotiators and arbiters. The Research Group conducts research over the alternative dispute resolution methods.

b)   Centre for Negotiations, Mediation and Arbitration supporting lawyers, entrepreneurs, mediators, negotiators and arbiters during amicable settlement of diputes. Members of the Centre for Negotiations, Mediation and Arbitration deal also with resolving disputes and conflicts in practice by using ADR methods.