I am a research and teaching assistant at the Department of Experimental Psychology. My research interests concern the experimental research at the junction of cognitive psychology and neuroscience, with a special focus on the study of visual perception, including the relationship between eye fixations, attentional processes and visual consciousness. In my PhD thesis I conducted research funded by the MNiSW grant (no. N N106 167437) on determinants of blank stares in the change detection task. Blank stares are special cases of change blindness, which occur when people do not notice changes in a visual scene, despite looking at the area of change (Fudali-Czyż et al., 2014). This research was performed using the EFRP method (Eye-Fixation Related Potentials), which combines the EEG measurement with eye tracking.

I am currently involved in several research projects. I am continuing research on blank stares under various types of spatial disorientation conditions as an investigator in the NCN grant OPUS 5 (HS6, 2014-2017; grant leader: prof. Piotr Francuz). Moreover, I am involved in the EFRP study on aesthetic evaluations among experts and novices being an investoragotr in the NCN grant OPUS 6 (HS6, 2014-2017; principal investigator: prof. Piotr Francuz). I am also interested in neuromarketing studies (Fudali-Czyż et al., 2016).