Anna M. Ziółkowska

Instytut Psychologii Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego


An attempt was made at answering the question whether flashbulb memory constitutes a homogeneous group of recollections and whether it differs, as far as the qualitative aspect is concerned, from autobiographical memory? Fifty subjects (25 men and 25 women) were asked to describe their three most vivid autobiographical recollections and then administered a questionnaire related to the them. One hundred and fifty obtained recollections shared the following characteristics: high level of certainty and belief in reliability of report, vividness, and strong personal meaning. The recollections did not fulfill the criteria of flashbulb memories. The reports provided by men turned out to be longer and more detailed than those provided by women. It was also found that flashbulb memories differ - in very similar to ‘normal' recollections ways - from each other as far as intensity of their various aspects was concerned. It means that to the same person one recollection can be ‘more' flash-like than the other one, and that the differences are only of quantitative character.

Autor: Ewelina Soszyńska
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